Foto: Juwelen - Jewellery - Prestige- Cartier © Stephan Abry


Collection Paris Nouvelle Vague

Cartier, Paris, which inspires which? The city and the jeweller are inseparable, linked by an invisible creative thread, a French charm whose incomparable spirit is embodied by Parisian ladies. With the Paris Nouvelle Vague Collection, a creative gallery of jewellery and cocktail rings in the finest Cartier tradition, it is this Parisian lady who is encapsulated in a jewellery flourish of character. A collection designed as a hymn to her multiple nuances and hues, her secrets of seduction and style.

A love story in motion, between the lady and the jeweller, mapped out in rings and streets, bracelets and bridges spanning day and night. From one neighbourhood to the next, the Parisian knows her way, playful or fatal, now bright, now delicate, always elegant wherever she goes. For this lady, Cartier imagines jewels with signature allure, translating the freedom and modernity of the eternally Parisian lady. These jewels fit her personality, creative and in tune with Cartier codes: graphic force rippling with femininity, a touch of sophisticated fantasy, spirit and modernity with the classic hallmark of jewellery excellence.

Espiègle - Mischievous
Paris is child’s play for enjoying a magical carrousel ride as evening sets in. The wheel spins like a ring bristling with joy and quivering with laughter. The sky spreads a haze of colours: blue, green, shades of lapis lazuli cabochons and mobile chrysoprase spikes that jingle, a cluster of confetti bunched like balloons electrified by diamonds. Give your all, be a Parisian lady for a moment, for the fun, the fantasy, taking flight with an extravagant jewel.

Voluptueuse - Voluptuous
The city has a rendezvous with the baroque in places, where architecture is luxurious yet dainty for the very smartest society. A neoclassical dome, golden with light dappled by openwork sparkle, the promise of dazzling skies, jewels for an occasion that fit the evening so well. Voluptuous finery for such fine materials, the sophistication of enamelling. Circles, broken lines, pearls and diamonds shape the style, cinching intimacy in transparent secrecy, cupola rings topped with a pearl or a diamond, cuff bracelets in swirling arabesques… A Parisian comes alive in interlaced seduction and the legend of eternal femininity is revived.

Impertinente - Impish
Anything goes in the fresh Parisian air, where the puckish sun escapes to tend its gardens and kisses are stolen in the statues’ cool shade. The Left Bank is the place for the natural flowering of Parisian fantasy, a host of colours, a hymn to joy, drawing circles in the water, capering about with breathless delight. Enjoy the mood of jewels in motion, spirals with segments of onyx, diamond and lapis lazuli. Avant-garde style on the skin to spark a life full of colour, overlapping curves, a graphically subtle game for jewellery that chisels the golden rays.

Affranchie - Emancipated
Radically Paris, when the city rises up to demand intelligence and culture. A place for art and reflection on the Palais de Tokyo’s steps, where Parisian ladies, boyish and girly, hone their wit and sharpen their thought. Modern ladies who structure their deceptively simple allure, artists of a graphic style, the minimalist nobility of a rigid torque or bracelet, yellow-gold bangles rimmed by the geometry of head-to-head motifs. Two graduated half-spheres in a gradation of colours, ribbons of smoked quartz, haematites, amethysts and calibrated diamonds. A precise layout for jewels of strictly personal rigour, a singular Parisian lady, emancipated.

Pétillante - Sparkling
Paris is a moveable feast! A blaze of fireworks for nightlife when the show must go on… The stars light up and twinkle gold until dawn. Tonight they dance, as merry and festive as a ring flounced with gold bead frills studded with diamonds and pink sapphires. Extravagance enters the stage, picks up the rhythm, a suggestive explosion for a festive jewel in tempo with the movement of Paris, the sparkling dazzle of a thrilling night.

Délicate - Delicate
Beneath the Paris sky, grey or blue, the timeless city awakens, elegant and free. Encapsulated in a detail that catches the knowing eye: a balcony, a cornice, a pure, graphic line. The materials are beautiful, authentic: slate grey, sandstone… so simple, so what is the charm? In the look of a street, the poise of a contemporary Parisian lady, as delicate and free as two flat rings that form one. A twist of grey gold and pink gold, half with diamonds, half bare, for rings and necklaces in subtle nuances of sparkle. The hushed secret of classicism in perpetual motion.

There she goes, her inimitable step and seduction spotted on the quaysides - Malaquais, Voltaire, Bourbon, Anatole France? Paris sails at her feet, rolling lightly over its stones. A Parisian lady unfurling her charms like a spectacular ring of unfolding petals, rippling with shifting reflections, shadows and light, black lacquer and diamonds. The Seine swells, the jewel follows, a fatal curve, curled like lashes fringed with luscious jewels.


Foto: Juwelen - Jewellery - Prestige- Cartier © Stephan Abry

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