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Two Artisans Who Work For Piaget Honoured ...

Two Artisans Who Work For Piaget Honoured With Prestigious Awards In Recognition Of Their Contributions To Their Craft Piaget celebrates the achievements of its artistic collaborators Anita Porchet,  master enameller and Hervé Obligi, lapidary sculptor.

As part of its mission to deepen its Metiers d’Art capabilities, Piaget has been collaborating with the best artisans and artists in their respective fields to create exceptional pieces that bring together the finest watchmaking with the virtuosity of extraordinary craftsmanship. With creativity at its core, Piaget evolves the art of watchmaking through the skills of these artisans, inserting surprising art forms into the creation of unique watches. 

Two of the artists that have contributed their Metiers d’Art expertise have been recognized for their outstanding work. Anita Porchet, master enameller, received the prestigious Gaia prize at the International Museum of Horology in la Chaux-de-Fonds. Often referred to as the Nobel Prize of watchmaking, the award acknowledges the individuals who have contributed to elevating the notoriety of horology on an international stage. Renowned for mastering every single enamelling technique, she has successfully applied her art through her collaborations with Piaget since 2006, creating miniatures on the dial of watches, by layering colours one after the other to achieve exquisite nuances. On the Piaget Altiplano rose miniature (G0A37147), with the most subtle details and delicate technique, Anita Porchet has created a radiant Yves Piaget rose in full bloom, with intense and vigorous petals.

Lapidary sculptor Hervé Obligi will be presented in November with the great honour of “Maître d’Art, marqueteur de pierres dures” by the French Ministry of Culture in recognition for his dedication to his art and commitment to sharing his remarkable skills with a new generation of artisans, ensuring his rare art can continue to flourish. One of the great masters of this rare art form, Obligi masterfully and patiently carves away at the hardest of stones, breathing life into them with his tools, transforming them into works of refined beauty.  Earlier this year, during the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie in Geneva, the Maison unveiled the Piaget Altiplano hard stone marquetry watch (G0A40249), featuring an interpretation of the Yves Piaget rose on its dial meticulously crafted by Hervé Obligi who cut and assembled Mexican Imperial jasper and cachalong in graded shades of purple to pale pink to create a sumptuous three dimensional effect against a backdrop of white gold.

“Pushing the boundaries of creativity by harnessing the creative impetus of the most talented artists and artisans has always been central to Piaget’s philosophy,” explains Philippe Léopold-Metzger, Piaget CEO. “When we collaborate with Anita Porchet and Hervé Obligi, we challenge them to take bold risks to bring their artistic vision to life, so that together we can see the art of watchmaking develop even further. We have always valued their outstanding skills and their desire to innovate through their art, and we are extremely proud of their latest recognition, awards that are truly deserved.”


Foto: Luxury Watches - Piaget ©

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