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Limelight Garden Party… Let’s Party!

Diamond garlands, joyful birds, shimmering foliage … Piaget opens the doors to a shining, luxuriant garden where time has stopped in its tracks to revel in the party. Without a care in the world, laughter ripples and eyes sparkle. How could one resist a magical evening where jewels twirl in complete freedom?             In the dusk, the garden sparkles with a thousand fires. The Limelight Garden Party collection is an invitation to share a special moment. Watches and jewellery follow in the intoxicating wake of musical rhythms. Irresistibly seductive, enticing jewels irresistibly invite everyone to join the dance.

Here, a cherry blossom on its emerald stem. There, a diamond rose savours the moment. On the horizon,     a bird that has escaped from its cage nibbles a pearl, while an ivy leaf curls enthusiastically around a branch made of brilliants. Exuberant and tempting, precious stones cast their sparkle across the garden … the party has only just begun. Surrounded by interlacing emerald and diamonds motifs, they come to life with great natural charm. Watches and jewellery confirm Piaget’s extraordinarily daring creative liberty. A freedom that could never bloom without the expertise of the master-jewellery and watchmakers whose talent gives rise to an exquisite and entrancing new personality.

At the heart of its jewellery garden, Piaget depicts sparkling ivy winding fancifully like supple lacework. Diamonds and emeralds form a delightful natural jewellery set in which the necklace, ring and earrings embody the fresh spring-like elegance of a garden party, while the cases of the Limelight watches glow with diamonds or emeralds.

Chalcedony cherry blossoms bloom spontaneously on diamond and pearl studded branches, playfully waving with mischievous charm. The voluptuous ring winds itself around fingers like climbing emerald ivy. How could one not succumb to the shimmering gleam of the flamboyant rubellite enthroned on a ring composed of precious stones? It seduces diamonds and emeralds, and tenderly receives the kiss of a bird.

Talkative birds chirp with joy, jumping from branch to branch to the rhythm of the movement of the rotating pattern of the Limelight Dancing Light watch adorned with 165 brilliant-cut diamonds. Set against a       gem-rimmed black background, the tiny winged creatures sing joyfully as pearls sway gently from the brooch and the hoop earrings. The moment to forget the time has come. The music flies skywards and echoes amid the diamond branches of the earrings that cascade down the neck. A necklace deploys its sparkling leaves, and each of its diamond quivers softly against the skin. The star of the party, the rose, the undisputed queen of flowers celebrated for centuries for its beauty and symbolism, appears in all its majesty paved with diamonds and radiating timeless elegance… And suddenly, a necklace and a pair of voluptuous earrings capture the light and explode in a crystal-clear flash of dazzling splendour.


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