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“Piaget or the art of celebrating love”

The Piaget bridal collection expresses all the emotion in a loving look, all the wonderment of being a couple! Solitaire rings and wedding bands pay tribute to love and to the magic of an exceptional day. They set the seal on the deepest feelings and herald a future of intimate companionship.

Piaget passion, or emotion according to Piaget
The new Piaget passion solitaire ring is an anthem to love that celebrates passion and expresses the beauty of a story that is just beginning. Crafted in platinum, it embodies all the qualities and the strength of loving feelings, admirably reflected in the rare, pure and inalterable metal composing it.  Imbued with delicacy and feminine curves, the Piaget passion solitaire ring reveals a side view of a diamond of which the pavilion appears to be literally suspended on thin air. The shimmering, sparkling and intense centre stone shines in all its radiant glory and sublimates the happiness of a couple about to begin a fabulous adventure. The paved mounting features two scrolling patterns majestically bearing and surrounding the central diamond, symbolising the couple’s deep-felt mutual understanding. Piaget passion, a delightful and sculptural engagement ring, is available in 0.3, 0.5 or 1-carat versions.

In its quest for perfection, Piaget takes the greatest care in selecting the diamonds composing its creations. All must meet the top of the four criteria defined by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America), the 4 Cs:
Colour: Piaget selects the rarest diamonds distinguished by their absolute whiteness and classified between D and F.
Clarity or purity: Piaget chooses only diamonds at the very top of the purity scale, ranging from IF (internally flawless) to VVS (very, very small inclusions).
Cut: this enables the refraction of light that goes to the heart of the diamond and gives it that totally fascinating sparkle! The quality of a diamond cut increases its luminous reflection.
Carat or weight: Piaget offers a broad selection of diamonds including various sizes, certified from 0.2 carats and ranging up to 3 carats

Eternal love: Piaget’s wedding bands
To accompany the Piaget passion solitaire ring, two platinum wedding bands fit perfectly alongside the engagement ring: an elegantly rounded half-round shank wedding band (G34LY600); or a slender wedding band like a row of diamonds (G34LY700). To be chosen in accordance with individual tastes and wishes…

But Piaget cannot celebrate marriage and love without its emblematic Possession collection, whose elegant, original wedding bands are brand icons. More refined than the range’s classic pieces, but just as playful with the two entwined rings in perpetual motion, the Possession wedding band range is enriched in 2013 with a pink gold model, set with a row of diamonds (G34P1A00).

Whether in pink or white gold, they testify to a lifelong commitment that is every bit as precious as the metal and diamonds composing it.
Exclusive, sensual and unique, they embody the whole Piaget spirit: inventive, creative and so unmistakably chic!


Foto: Juwelen - Jewellery - luxe - Prestige - Piaget ©

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