Foto: © Piaget - Juwelery - Luxe - Prestige


Limelight Garden Party - A garden by moonlight

The invitation is for a walk in the garden of Eden when evening falls. Everything is full of grace, elegance and radiance. Piaget conceived its Limelight Garden Party collection like a dance, sowing diamonds and precious stones here and there. The Piaget Rose, which stands out by its voluptuous poppy-like shape, is the queen of this enchanting setting. The sparkling garland-like jewellery catches and reflects the light. A year after the introduction of the Limelight Garden Party collection, Piaget proves that magic is eternal, and that each spring brings dazzling promises.

An opulent diamond jewellery set provides a sparkling response to the darkness of the night. Everything is summed up in the purity of the fine structures of the gold thread linking the precious stones. The result has all the flamboyance of a magnificent firework display. The jewellers’ art behind the artist’s skill reveals the essence of mysterious and fascinating dexterity sprinkled across a luminous garden (Ref. G37LF700 and G38LH200).
Alongside the rose, magic foliage echoes the beauty of an unspoilt and timeless natural environment. Countless marquise-cut diamonds light up these jewellery creations. Hours of work were required to achieve such natural, flexible wear. The know-how of the House is ingrained in every exquisite fibre of these works, full of subtle nuances and shimmering reflections. This is a bouquet of sheer poetry, where the immensity of nature is revealed in each fine detail.  (Ref. G37LG100 and G37LV600).

The Piaget Rose blooms in sublime beauty. The jeweller’s inspiration follows the contours of the flower. The rose thus becomes a fanciful bouquet blending the purity of diamonds with the depth of blue sapphires (Ref. G37LG600; G38LH400 and G34LV800). Like a muse, this flower has also enthralled the master-watchmakers who have made it blossom on a “secret” watch. The latter boldly displays a whimsically playful and refined decor, sweeping time into an entrancing universe (Ref. G0A37180).
Further on, Piaget imagines jewellery decked with flowers made of diamonds and white chalcedony (Ref. G37LH100). Each petal is accentuated by a corolla, each stone delicately interlaced. The gentle nuances of materials blend to give birth to an incandescent work of art.

Delicate veins intertwine like miniature creepers. Extending this precious interlacing motif, the rose appears like an explosion of light, offering an extraordinary backdrop against which Piaget’s jewellery artists paint a picture of precious beauty (Ref. G37LG400). 

The focal point of this unique garden, the Piaget Rose perfectly demonstrates the artists’ propensity to push the boundaries of what is deemed possible. This rose-shaped cuff bracelet called for a unique level of sophistication and refinement (Ref. G36L5400).

To evoke a garden that sparkles like the morning dew, Piaget’s gemsetting specialists have played the role of dream makers.
Exactly like a garden in the moonlight


Foto: © Piaget - Juwelery - Luxe - Prestige

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