Foto: Juwelen - Luxe - © Cartier - H. Stelzenberger


The Solitaire Cartier Destinée

The Solitaire Cartier Destinée
Sometimes two people meet and, with a single, magical look, immediately know that their souls’ destinies are entwined. There is a spark of love for which Cartier has created a ring that seems to have fallen from the sky, a heavenly jewel, a fragment of a star to seal a future of eternal togetherness. An engagement ring like a testimony, an irresistible attraction with a stunning effect: the spectacular dazzle of its amorous sparkle.
A solitaire in the grand tradition, exalting anexceptional diamond, a full-blossom stone with a delicate halo of brilliant-cut diamonds, a gift stone, a divine reflection of feelings, set on a ring glowing with the light of diamonds.
A miracle of classic style endowed with the timelessness of the claw setting inspired by the Solitaire 1895, the design of which Cartier has rejuvenated with a crown of diamonds. The central stone seems to burst outwards upon this, opulent and glamorous, with its infinite reflections sparkling in a constellation of mirrors.
It is as if love had arranged to be present, crystallised, attracted to eternity by this solitaire which dazzles with the extraordinary quality of the diamond and the expertise which conceals the metal, embroidering it with stones, finely setting the brilliant-cut diamonds and multiplying their radiance with the sparkle of micro-paving. The ring of a craftsman whose skill can be seen in the meticulous faceting of the metal, and in the polishing that comes very close to uncovering the pavilion of each tiny stone in the ring. A requirement executed by the jeweller who carefully sets each paving stone in claw settings all parallel to one another, then finishes by hand with a perloir.
Cartier Destinée is also the latest engagement ring in the Set for You by Cartier collection, a dream piece of jewellery, a piece that can be designed and altered according to the desired number of carats – from 0.40 to 2.99 – with the stone chosen for its clarity, its colour, its cut… Personal variations in a ring made to measure in the Maison’s workshops.

Exceptional expertise and technical prowess for Cartier Destinée
The ring, the subtlety of dazzling micro-paving The profile of the solitaire Cartier Destinée’s ring, scalloped like lace, shows the meticulously designed paving, ranging from the smallest to the largest brilliant-cut diamonds, multiplying the stone’s fire like mirrors. A ring literally embroidered with tiny cavities that will seat the stone without any claws being visible, creating an effect of absolute brilliance. Each cavity is hand-polished to fit the diamond as closely as possible, a meticulous and delicate operation that softly illuminates the metal.
The ethereally structured mounting, enhanced by the closeness of the claw settings The creative mounting of the Cartier Destinée introduces a complex architecture based on a fourclaw setting inspired by the Solitaire 1895. It enables the exaltation of the diamond in which the visible pavilion captures and refracts the light. The stone is then partly surrounded by a crown of delicately set micro-paving, hiding the metal and allowing the stone to jump out amid a constellation of brilliant-cut diamonds. Painstaking work for both the lapidary who selects each stone and the jeweller, demanding rigour and irreproachable precision and virtuosity.


Foto: Juwelen - Luxe - © Cartier - H. Stelzenberger

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