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Secrets & Lights – A Mythical Journey

Entitled “Secrets & Lights – A Mythical Journey by Piaget”, the new Piaget Haute Joaillerie and Haute Horlogerie collection celebrates the history of the silk route and the wide expanse of cities and cultures that the ancient route encompasses. The new collection is inspired by two legendary cities, Venice and Samarkand.  Chosen for their cultural wealth, architecture and creativity, each place provides a remarkable field of expression from which the exceptional artisans in the workshops of the Piaget Manufacture have been inspired.

Venice, a serene and priceless cultural gem perched on the water inspires a collection imbued with a mysterious magic: entitled “Secrets of Venice”. Magnified by virtuous exponents of feather art, enamelling and engraving, the timepieces in the collection evoke the architectural splendours of the Clock Tower, restored by Piaget in 1997, the Bridge of Sighs, St. Mary’s Basilica and the city’s emblematic lion. Whether bringing to life the magnificence of Venetian festivities or reflecting the subtle plays on light, these Haute Joaillerie creations become authentic works of art.

The magic of the Orient lives on in Samarkand, meaning “queen of the Earth”. Nestled on the plain of Zarafshan in Uzbekistan, whose Persian name means “supplier of gold”, the historical city inspires the enchanting “Lights of Samarkand” creations. It reveals the vibrant colours of the Registan and the infinite expanses of the desert with its star-studded skies. In their honour, the rarest and purest gems express the essence of Haute Joaillerie through splendid central stones. Exalted by the most unexpected Artistic Crafts, such as eggshell-inlaid lacquer, bulino engraving or micro-mosaic, these horological creations capture the majesty of the architecture and the desert animals.

This extraordinary collection comprising 93 jewellery creations and 38 watchmaking creations provides a transcendent expression of the creative freedom cherished by the Maison.
Pervaded by the passion of the Artisans of the Manufacture and enhanced by the finest Artistic Crafts, “Secrets & Lights – A Mythical Journey by Piaget” scales fresh heights of creativity.

Lights of Samarkand
Captured by the artisans of the Maison Piaget, the colours and the energy of Samarkand shine in resplendent beauty in the Haute Joaillerie “Secrets & Lights” collection. Its enchanting creations vie with each other in terms of creativity and virtuosity, telling fresh tales of the Orient.

Cascading feather-light turquoise beads sculpt the infinite beauty of the sky on a woman’s skin (G37M6900). In tune with the creative boldness cherished by Piaget, the radiant turquoise blue hard stones strike a fine contrast with emerald-heart flowers. Embodying original signature ways of wearing such adornments, the subtle asymmetry of the necklace accentuates its perfect harmony.

Like their predecessors who brought back the rarest gems from Samarkand, the gemologists from the Maison travel the world to discover the gems destined to become captivating central stones, such as this four-leaved flower-ring featuring highly original shapes highlighted by a splendid Colombian emerald (G34HH300). Magnified by a play on cuts and settings calling for hundreds of hours at the workbench, sapphires from Sri Lanka, rubies from Mozambique and exceptional diamonds conjure up the splendour of the mosaic motifs adorning the medersas of the Registan.

A flowing bracelet echoing their enchanting arabesques and punctuated by turquoises illustrates the excellence of the Manufacture in gold craftsmanship (G36M2200). This noble metal favoured by Piaget and delicately chased using gestures akin to those of Haute Couture is thus transformed into a jewellery sculpture every bit as supple as a precious fabric.

Featured for more than half a century in creations by the Maison, prong-set marquise-cut stones light up an airy necklace (G37M6100). The marquise cut that has become a Piaget signature is skilfully tapered here to make the light vibrate at the heart of each diamond, forming a scintillating lacework extended by a magnificent pear-cut diamond. Specially designed by the Maison, the scrolling, cascading diamond motifs punctuated by sapphires form hypnotic ear pendants (G38M5200). They dance in step with every move of the woman they adorn, exquisitely marrying the aesthetic power of oriental art with the gentleness of a caress.

Secrets of Venice
With the exclusive use of Artistic Crafts, the artisans at the Piaget Manufacture exercise the rarest skills in creating the Haute Joaillerie “Secrets & Lights” collection. Imbued with the mysterious magic of the city, the new creations present themselves like timeless works of art.

Reinvented to the tune of a masked ball, the signature cuff bracelet is adorned with a bird-flower by Nelly Saunier, feather artist, Master Artisan, laureate of the Prix de l'Intelligence de la Main (Prize for Intelligent Manual Craftsmanship ) awarded by the Fondation Bettencourt Schueller 
 (G36L9300). A flurry of feathers perched on an airy white gold base, forms a precious bouquet. Turquoise feathers delicately set among feathers shimmering with velvety shades of midnight blue create subtle glazed effects. An emerald placed at the very heart of this spectacular feather marquetry sparkles amid a constellation of sapphires and diamonds.

The equally innovative “secret” ring echoes the enigmatic figures of Venetian celebrations (G34H200). Its sliding cover reveals a magnetic night blue sky crafted in Grand Feu champlevé enamel. Masterfully tamed by an engraver, the matter exudes a luminous sensuality on which the constellation of Leo has been traced.

The artisans of the Manufacture have captured the festive elegance of the city in a dazzling embroidery on the Palazzo ring (G34HF300). Its interlacing red spinel and diamond motifs evoke the flashing camera bulbs on the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival, or the royal box at the Teatro La Fenice. With their lines inspired by the Byzantine windows of the palazzos lining the Grand Canal, the long earrings with geometrically arranged rubies are entirely in tune with Piaget’s trademark creative boldness (G38M4400).

Like an invitation to engage in seductive games, a cuff bracelet adorns the wrist with pink gold embroidery. Its ballet of marquise-cut diamonds showcase the inimitable Piaget expertise, forming rays of light akin to those filtering through the stone bars on the windows of the Bridge of Sighs (G36L9100).

Endowed with the allure of a Venetian mask and the luminous beauty of the shimmering reflections dancing across the lagoon, these new creations set the crowning touch to Piaget’s stature in the field of Haute Joaillerie.
Artfully celebrating the many skills of Haute Joaillerie, this collection once again embodies the absolute freedom cultivated by the Maison Piaget.


Foto: Jewels - Jewellery - Piaget ©

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