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Petite Promesse: combining style and character.

A cherished miniature, Petite Promesse from Baume & Mercier marks time like no other watch, with a mischievous elegance. Life is a question of style and Petite Promesse is its devoted companion. How can one resist the harmony of its proportions, the playful combination of an oval and entwining circles which grants it such unique charm? With its 22 mm mini size and clean lines, the latest Promesse arrives on the scene as an icon of style.
All day long, Petite Promesse faithfully keeps time alongside today's woman.

Each instant has its own particular style...

An instant of creativity
An entire day isn't enough to express her creativity. From her flash of inspiration before her wardrobe each morning to the storm of ideas during a meeting at work, from her last minute invitations to a vernissage to impromptu late night parties that remake the world, the woman with her orange Petite Promesse is sparkling, galvanising and spontaneous. Nothing stops her from matching her light and flowing muslin dress with her favorite multicolored bracelets. She laughs often, loves to dance and charms the world with her natural beauty. She is always in style with the perfect accessory: a unique purse, a pair of quirky heels, or her Petite Promesse with its fully diamond-set case and wrap-around strap in orange calfskin, because she doesn't do things halfway... Joyful, creative, she loves being noticed.

An instant of mischief
All women cultivate this mysterious attribute that attracts people to them. The woman who wears the blue Petite Promesse is a confident leader with a disconcerting precision. At ease in her mind and body, she gets what she wants - gently, but firmly. This woman is spontaneous and straightforward, like her devoted companion watch that matches the sky with its blue calfskin wrap-around strap, whose elegance cannot be missed, with an elegantly subtle case set with two half-moons of diamonds... She is astute: a sparkle of charm at the surface with a reserve that is a thousand times more charming. She enjoys her magnetism... A little mischievous.

An instant of success
The woman proudly flashing her Petite Promesse with the wrap-around steel strap has nothing to prove to anyone. She is an accomplished woman. Determined and ambitious, she is intelligent, independent and her character never fails to impress. She succeeds in all that she undertakes. Feminine and extremely elegant, she wears her watch like a symbol of her success, like a promise she has made to herself. Each moment of her day is a new opportunity to show that she's ready to meet all challenges. The watch twined around her wrist is her loyal companion. With its diamonds and its wrap-around bracelet in fine-chain polished steel, this watch reflects her charisma and her elegant style. It is a lover of sophistication who wears this watch.

Baume & Mercier have fun with the wrap-around style and take advantage of the trend for the mini format to offer women a faithful companion.
Three feminine interpretations with a diamond-set steel case and a white mother-of-pearl dial decorated with two diamonds as an index, at 6 o'clock and 12 o'clock. A gem with style for the women who invent their own style.

Each hour is a little promise: to seize the day, to live each moment to the fullest, to be a free, independent and accomplished woman.
And remember, hurry, now's the time to be admired!


Foto: Luxury Watches - Baume & Mercier

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