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Couture Précieuse

Entirely developed and crafted in-house, the new Couture Précieuse collection pays homage to feminine beauty. Once again, the Geneva-based watchmaker-jeweller affirms its style with strength and elegance. The House dresses women in watches and jewellery that are as spectacular as they are exceptional, epitomising the veritable secrets of seduction. 

Magnificently adorned by beautiful high jewellery creations, women reveal some of their seductive secrets. Graphic, airy and stylised jewellery sets emphasise women’s most appealing qualities. The magic of stones, with diamonds first and foremost, enhanced by rubellites or red and black spinels, cultivate mystery and surprise. This woman is never where one expects her to be…

The House of Piaget has called upon the talents of one of the finest illustrators to set the stage for the creations of the Biennale. David Downton, famous fashion illustrator and confidant of the world of Haute Couture, has created eight sketches immortalising some of the models presented by Piaget. His sharp eye and his timeless feel for feminine style – involving the use of gouache, acrylic paint and Indian ink – create splendid showcases for the jewellery sets by the House.

Couture Précieuse – radiant laces inspiration
The jewellery sets borrow from the field of corsets and ribbons the art of modelling and accentuating shapes to perfection. Luminous laces cross over each other to suggest the sensuality of a décolleté and then uncross in perfectly flowing style.

A laces-inspired necklace enhances the exquisitely rounded curve of a neckline. The enchanting 5-carat pear-shaped diamond naturally draws all eyes to its dazzling brilliance.

In the same vein, the delicate strap-inspired watch features a fine example of High Jewellery craftsmanship through the alternating brilliant- and baguette-cut diamonds adorning the case and bracelet, a tribute to the sumptuous lines of a feminine silhouette. This dainty watch is a must-have expression of Haute Couture refinement.

Even more of a jewel, the corset-inspired cuff watch in white gold and diamonds sculpts the wrist like a wasp waist. The High Jewellery laces, some set with brilliant-cut diamonds and others with baguette-cut diamonds, cross over and intertwine. An ode to elegance, the beauty of this piece reveals another treasure: a watch providing a discreet time reading hidden in the hollow of the wrist. In one smooth move, time stands still. Only one who knows how to charm its lucky owner will discover its secret…

Technique of assembly
The assembly technique used here by Piaget enables it to create superbly supple models that exalt the beauty of feminine curves.Such is certainly the case with the laces-inspired necklace which stages ribbons of diamonds enhancing a discreet neckline or sublimating the beauty of a feminine back revealed by a plunging dress line. Once the model has been designed and painted in gouache by the House designers, the volume and structure of the necklace are carefully studied so as to achieve the necessary suppleness. The links individually cut from a gold “ribbon” are then assembled prior to setting. Equally spectacular when viewed from either side, this model features a clasp hidden inside a discreet pushbutton that makes it completely invisible.

Couture Précieuse – diamond embroidery inspiration
What is more captivating than the art of suggestion? Piaget dresses the skin with diamonds, as light and vaporous as a breath of air. Like sumptuous lace or stunning guipure dresses, the creations reveal the smoothness of a glimpse of skin beneath golden fabric and stones.

The quintessence of seduction is embodied in a sumptuous necklace embroidered with gold filaments and diamonds. Its entirely openwork, articulated structure makes it look like lace. This centrepiece of the collection is made in the same way as a Haute Couture dress, on the bias and finished with a smooth cut. It took more than 800 hours of work to create. The earrings and the ring which complete the set are simply stunning, with gold links built around an Asscher-cut diamond and a rose-cut diamond.

And the absolute star of the show is the necklace inspired by a traditional fan which merely hints at what its wearer wishes to reveal. The contrast between a delicate central rubellite motif and the finely fashioned net motif on the fan creates a transparent play on light and shade. Each of the fan sections was separately crafted being assembled, and which looks as if it is ready to open and close with the next passing breeze.

Mesh craftsmanship
A re-edition of a vintage 1970s model, the cuff-watch is inspired by knit dresses. Its bracelet highlights the historical expertise of the chainmaker-jewellers of the House of Piaget.  Gold is hand twisted, knit and formed into a mesh entirely by hand, much like the work of a fashion couturier. This provides an opportunity to emphasise the know-how of the Piaget artisans who, after patiently fitting each gold link on very tiny pins, give rise to these wonderfully supple and unique gold fabrics. It is a real nod to Piaget’s of the 1970s.

Couture Précieuse – magnificent adornments inspiration
In these elegant and refined models, Piaget draws its inspiration from men’s dress suits. Conveying a distinctive style, the precious “brandebourg” motifs join the game of seduction. The magic weaves its spell through a wealth of creative ways of wearing these models, while the stones (diamonds, pink sapphires, rubellites, red or black spinels) play on the theme of colour contrasts.

Witness the beautiful “brandebourg” style ellipses in rubellite and diamonds designed to be worn as ear adornments. The rubellites appear to be spinning on the end of ribbons sparkling with diamonds, like a perfectly choreographed waltz. Finally, an adornments-inspired watch reveals its gracious arabesques reminiscent of the gold buttons of Empire military jackets. Perfectly integrated with the dainty wristband, the claw-set case fascinates with its slender lines, its style and the graceful charm of its marquise-cut diamonds.

Virtuoso mounting
The secret of the exquisite adornment-inspired necklace lies in its pendant, a pompon featuring fringes as airy and mobile as angel hair. Piaget has suspended its black spinels from tiny links of delightfully flowing chains, giving a unique new cadence to each move of the body. Like a catchy Charleston rhythm…

Couture Précieuse – Behind the scenes…
The design sketches of these exceptional seventy one items of High Jewellery were first expressed in the forms of paintings by the in-house designers and then crafted by some thirty watchmakers, jewellers, engravers, setters and polishers.
All these exceptional pieces were developed in-house and crafted in the Piaget High Jewellery workshop.
It is only after hundreds of hours of development and craftsmanship at the hands of our master-jewellers that a Piaget High Jewellery watch or jewellery creation springs to life. Each individual model may be considered unique, since all of the artisans involved in making it bring to the task a combination of their own personal experience and artistic sensitivity.



Foto: Piaget © - Juwelen - Jewellery

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