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Cartier : Panther jewellery watch

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Timeless appeal of Cartier menagerie

By turns playful, stately, mischievous or feral, the Cartier panther is at ease in every role. The Panthère Royale watch reigns supreme with a dial that twinkles with brilliant-cut diamonds. Set in a three-dimensional sculpture, this miniature bas-relief recalls one of the creature’s earliest appearances on an sapphire brooch created for the Duchess of Windsor in 1949.
Despite the complexity of forms and proportions at play, the work of the jeweller seduces with astonishing delicacy. Diamonds conjure illusions of depth and dimension from the bezel to the glittering lace of the motif, and the wild cat is ablaze with the fire of diamonds. The sheen of her coat spotted with lacquer, the Cartier panther dazzles as the fierce guardian of precious time.

The panther, the iconic animal of the Cartier menagerie, is in a playful mood in this new complication watch by the Maison. In a dramatic scene powered by a brand-new complication, the mischievous creature appears to pounce from the dial in pursuit of a ball. The calibre moves as one with the body of the panther to bring this miniature theatre to life. The minutes are indicated by the head and paw of the figure, while the hours are marked by the ball.
Exhibiting exquisite craftsmanship in a display of diamonds, black lacquer and emeralds, Cartier brings the panther to life with a new movement. The workshops have joined forces to channel the jewellery expertise of the Maison and its flair for rendering these strikingly lifelike three-dimensional creatures. The watch is transfigured by the presence of the panther and the hidden mechanism that marks the passage of time in a never-ending game.

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