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At the crossroads of Watchmaking and High Jewelry, Van Cleef & Arpels continues to explore its creative universe with jewels that tell the time. Whether graphic or figurative, they display a wealth of savoir-faire and lend a sparkle to time – disclosing it in glimpses or even cloaking it in mystery. Secret watches – created by the Maison since the 1930s – surprise with their hidden treasures. They have all the elegance of jewelry, with dials that remain hidden before being discretely revealed. Sliding a precious bow, opening a diamond chest or glancing at a mirror are so many ways of playing with time.

Treasure of the seas
To mark the SIHH, the Maison is highlighting its High Jewelry savoir-faire with unique watches recently completed at its workshops. Inspired by the beauty of the sea, the Heure Marine piece combines the technical prowess of a secret watch with the delicacy of a feminine jewel.

The Heure Marine watch makes a strong first impression, immersing the gaze in the blue of sapphires thanks to two Sri Lankan stones weighing a total of 27.34 carats. With their distinctive sugar loaf cut – where the softness of a cabochon is complemented by four ridges – they also stand out for their intensecolor and the quality of their crystallization. Two rows of buff-topped sapphires form a gradation of blues to highlight the curves of the piece, whose heart reveals a dial in mother-of-pearl. Delicately hugging the curves of the wrist, the bracelet depicts a treasure chest nestled in a precious hollow: its diamond lid can be opened by pressing an emerald cabochon, to reveal the time.

Heure Marine watch
Bracelet in white gold, yellow gold, round, pear-shaped and baguette-cut diamonds,
onyx, buff-topped baguette-cut sapphires, cabochon-cut sapphire,
2 sugar loaf-cut sapphires weighing a total of 27.34 carats (Sri Lanka),
cabochon-cut emeralds
Dial in white gold, mother-of-pearl, cabochon-cut sapphire
Manual-winding mechanical movement
Seven Seas collection - Unique piece