Foto: Vincent Wulveryck © Cartier 2011


New Cartier sunglasses, demonstrations of style

Panthère de Cartier sunglasses, limited edition (picture1)
Sometimes sensual, sometimes playful, the animal asserts its presence on the sleek design and radical, feline shape of these sunglasses.
An accessory for the face, it offers a stylish bandeau whose crescent-shaped lenses with openworked cut-outs extend, with a profiled panther, into fine lines in champagne-gold or platinum hues, before disappearing onto the temples.
Their animalistic nature is enhanced by the colour of the curved lenses: in amber, amethyst or pearl grey, the colours of precious stones come together with sophisticated elegance to provide a new, chic setting for Cartier’s emblematic animal.
The aesthetics are ultra-feminine and assert a highly singular harmony that remains graphical, rare and unique to Cartier.

Santos-Dumont sunglasses, limited edition (picture2)
A signature motif that is bursting with energy: a screw that simultaneously bears and narrates the history of a Maison that has been asserting its taste for modernity, boldness and a pioneering spirit since the beginning of the 20th century.
Today, the screw motif has been truly hammered into the aesthetics of this men’s collection. An aviator shape that is at once modern and classic. Essential accessories that resound with technique and elegance.
The strength of an assertive, recognised form is present, as is the calm seduction of a connoisseur’s refinement, where the smooth, single-coloured screws – emblematic of the Santos de Cartier collections – punctuate the brushed metal of the temples. There is freedom of choice, too: to wear with or without the sharkskin nose piece.
Vitality and a pioneering spirit course through this model, which features Cartier-guaranteed sun protection, durability and lenses that change according to the intensity of the light, both indoors and out. Rigour and expertise combine to enhance the beauty of this model, which has become one of the great Cartier classics.

Wooden Santos de Cartier sunglasses
These ultra-masculine frames are worn for the energy and style they assert.
The unique momentum of this new rectangular form remains faithful to the Cartier codes, while its refinement is instantly recognisable thanks to the juxtaposition of finishes on the temples: an alternation of brushed and smooth metal.
Cartier signs this accessory with a motif, a design that has become a brand emblem, as if declaring a manifesto on the spirit of boldness according to Cartier.
Paying homage to the close friendship between Cartier and the aviator Albert Santos-Dumont, for whom the first Cartier wristwatch was created in 1904, these masculine creations introduce the possibility of coloured temples.
Bold marquetry work is present, with the juxtaposition of precious bubinga and Virginia tulip-tree woods to create two different worlds: the first – grey and red – is primed for action, while the second – taupe and beige – is committed to the subtle game of masculine elegance.


Foto: Vincent Wulveryck © Cartier 2011

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