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Genderless timepieces, designed for a better tomorrow. Today sees the introduction of BAUME, a watch brand focused on encouraging individuals to participate in a design-led global conversation. Drawing experience and insight from the rich watchmaking history across the Richemont Group, Baume launches with an innovative mindset and a commitment to create considered design in sustainable, recycled, and up-cycled materials.


“Our goal is to fulfill the utmost standards of quality and craftsmanship, while committing to the power of collaboration within a circular economy," says Baume Brand leader Marie Chassot.

Baume launches with two collections: the Iconic Series and the Custom Timepiece Series.Built through a minimalist design philosophy, Baume’s Iconic Series watch is the brand’s flagship, crafted as the expression of recycling and up-cycling principles. Updated seasonally, this automatic movement timepiece is crafted in aluminium with a 100% recycled PET bracelet. It will be released in a variety of designs, materials, and colors. Baume’s Custom Timepiece Series is a fully customizable offering, designed through an online configurator with over 2000 permutations. Customer collaborators choose case-sizes of 35mm or 41mm, components, and movements to create thousands of unique designs. The collection offers a wealth of individuality within the Baume aesthetic through a contemporary approach that pairs creativity and functionality while promoting consideration. Co-creation pushes the consumer to ask questions about his/her everyday choices, including a commitment to a better environmental future.

"When individuals find a best-fit product, they last," says Chassot, "This, twinned with our on-demand production eliminates waste and avoids the creation of obsolete stock."

“We use no animal-based or precious materials and unused components are recycled or re-used. Our interchangeable watchstraps are made from natural, up-cycled or recycled fabrics such as cork, cotton, linen, alcantara and recycled PET. Packaging is kept to a minimum: there is no secondary packaging and only FSC-certified paper and cardboard are used.”

A Limited Edition Series will follow later in 2018. These watches will be produced in collaboration with global partners, and introduce new ways of thinking to the design process, reinforcing Baume’s commitment to those who affect a better tomorrow.

“By accelerating change through innovation and collaboration, we will help to ask questions to aid generations to come. We are excited about forthcoming work with our partner Waste Free Oceans, an organization that collects plastic from oceans, rivers and beaches. Ocean plastic will be transformed into material that will enable us to create a modern, recycled, and recyclable product while helping us to do our part in cleaning the oceans,” concludes Chassot.

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