Foto: Jean-Jacques Pallot © Cartier 2012 - Juwelen


Les heures fabuleuses de Cartier

A veritable collection of jewellery timepieces featuring 41 pieces, including 23 unique editions, the Heures Fabuleuses de Cartier make light of reality; enchanted tales to be told as time is transformed, the stage for a spirited bestiary whose secrets and tricks conjure a time that is more than it seems. A collection that proclaims, like a Surrealist manifesto: “This is not a watch”. Yet time is their destiny, diverted along the way, for the fun of it, the love of intrigue.

A very feminine seduction from the most extravagant jewels, amazingly precious, inscribed in the Cartier tradition of ingenious watchmaking yet poised for transformation, the guarantee of supreme elegance. These watches are uniquely two of a kind – a jewellery performance when a diamond snake slips off the face to glide over a lapel as a brooch. And what hides behind this tortoise-shell studded with diamond scales? Illusion, now you see it, now you don’t – Cartier is a watchmaking wizard with the gift of conjuring up extraordinary pieces. The most precious watches, jewels of excellence and savoir-faire: the expertise of the watchmaker, who makes a diamond phoenix oscillate in time with the movement, and the skill of the jeweller, who transforms a chain into a delicate brooch.

Time is elusive
Playing on an apparition, miracles of jewellery, Cartier pictures a metamorphosis of time, watches that can play any role, now a brooch, now a pendant, now a watch – or all three at a time. Tripling their functions for a fantastically playful bestiary, a snake, a frog, an elephant, the elusive heroes of a watchmaking fable where time is the jewel in the crown.

This is not a watch,
it is a volatile peacock, whose flight releases it from its mother-of-pearl marquetry face. A bejewelled brooch set with brilliant-cut diamonds on a ruby flower framed by nephrite jade leaves.

This is not a watch,
it is a brooch, a diamond snake that clips onto the black enamel face of a watch landscaped with flowers and garnet butterflies. A technical virtuosity that works three ways, as an animal watch, a landscape watch and a snake brooch, all bound by the same keen sense of aesthetics and poetry.

This is not a watch,
it is a hanging garden of lotus flowers on which a delicate frog sits. A clip brooch whose flowering relief blooms on the glass of the dial. 1, 2, 3, a trio of transformations crafted in a perfect harmony of enamelled colours and opalescent moonstone featuring touches of pink, from gold to sapphires, and green, from emeralds to enamel.

This is not a watch,
it is a tiara, a bracelet and a brooch… Time beats at the heart of a creativity conceived from the most fanciful adaptation. Crowned with light, in reference to the famous style reinvented by Cartier. An essential design in clean pure lines for a creation illuminated by the glorious spark of a cushion rose-cut diamond.

Time has its tricks,
its unseen illusions that keep the imagination ticking behind this transformable jewel full of surprises. Two lady parrots set with brilliant-cut diamonds and baguette-cut rubies share a well-kept secret, perched from a chain of ruby beads and rose-cut diamonds. Two birds for a motif destined to become an onyx and brilliant-cut diamonds brooch whose delightful little nest hides a miniature timepiece.


Foto: Jean-Jacques Pallot © Cartier 2012 - Juwelen

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